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What Was My Sin
Poetry By Jhc Tabucur Lyrette

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What Was My Sin
Poetry By Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 

Today I felt the Sun on my face and this came to mind...
Look at the Blue Sky
Feel the Sun on your Face
Smell the clean Grass
Now take that All Away
Step into the Life of Another
You are in a Small Cage
You cannot Turn
No chance to Run Away
There is a dim Light 24 hours a Day
The Stench is Horrid
Feces and Death Penetrate
All you can do is Bang your Head To and Fro
Wishing you could chew through the Bars
That bind you So a Living Hell
Days turn to Months
And the few Months pass like Days
Until you are taken for a Moment
Into the Light of Day
You Smell and See Things
You do not Understand
For this is the First Time
You See the Light
See the Sky
But you and the Many
Are Hurried Along
The Screams and the Iron Rods
That Strike your Back never End
Then the room starts to Move and Shake
Seems like it will never End
But then it comes to a Stop
And once Again the Screaming
And the Rods Descend upon Your Back
Down a Long Hall you Go
The Screams of Your Kind
Get Louder as You Go
Soon You are the Next
You Wish Not to Go
No one hears Your Calls
Your Plight is Ignored
Before You Know
You are upside Down
You Scream and Kick
As You Feel the Pain
Deep Within
It thrust Deep
Again and Again
You Choke and Scream
This is the End
Before You Pass You Ask
Why OH Why
Is this the Life of a Pig
Why did I ever Begin
What Was My Sin
~ Tabucur ~

© Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 03/25/13

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