What’s Good For The Goose...
By Lance Landall

From all-creatures.org

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What’s Good For The Goose...
By Lance Landall

When tigers kill a human, and enjoy their new found meal,
Humans react with horror, and disgust do not conceal.
And yet, they themselves, happily kill and devour creatures,
Which has me wondering what their children such teaches.

Why’s it abhorrent when creatures kill and devour us, yet,
Not so, when we kill and eat them — secondhand nutrients get?
After all, flesh is flesh, life is life, and killing’s unjust,
And surely a crime, given, flesh eating is not a must.

Acquiring a taste for dead creatures, who suffer from ill health too,
Seems not just barbarous, but desire that has gone askew.
For who would risk devouring what might injure or destroy,
And aid and abet those factories that killers employ?

Aren’t we acting like tigers, killing and eating flesh food,
And aren’t we more the villains, when such food we could exclude?
Surely it’s no less abhorrent tigers dining on us,
Yet, when they do — knowing no better — listen to all the fuss!