When There's No Place To Go...But Up!
By Mark Edgemon

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When There's No Place To Go...But Up!
By Mark Edgemon

When down on your back is the only view
And failure has become a constant way of living,
The only way up...is down, head bowed and on your knees;
Seeking; pursuing the only true help in times of crisis.
But it is best to start during days of peace; when everything is safe,
By showing appreciation that for the moment, you're alright.
No guarantees of ease were ever given to the sons of men,
Only promises of hope and access to His power and wisdom,
To pass over obstacles, forge through barriers, showing the world
And those who stand in constant disbelief, that you're plugged in
For on those days the numbers run to zero and there is ab-so-lute-ly nothing,
Dig your well prayerfully deep and live off the Creator's resources.

The End

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