Who? Poem D
By Lance Landall

From all-creatures.org

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By Lance Landall
 Poem D

Who made the weeping willow, the sycamore and oak tree,
The hawthorn and the chestnut, all fashioned so uniquely?
Who made the birch and elm tree, the maple, olive and pine,
The cypress and the cedar, (all clearly made by design)?

Who made the rhododendron, azalea and gum tree,
The alder, ash and lilac, camellia and hickory?
Who made the palm and fig tree, the juniper and cherry,
The wattle and the holly, the poplar and mulberry?

Who made tulips and roses, marigolds and daffodils,
Forget-me-nots and lilies, dandelions and bluebells?
Who made poppies and pansies, geraniums and daisies,
The orchid and carnation, all frequented by busy bees?

Who made yummy strawberries, apricots, apples and pears,
The leek; and wholesome onion, that when peeled brings forth those tears?
Who made plums and gooseberries, passion fruit and nectarines,
Silver beet and broccoli, celery, lettuce and beans?

Who made mangoes and pawpaw, oranges and lemons too,
And nutritious prunes, that one eats wisely, lest trouble brew?
Who made gherkins and garlic, capsicums, carrots and peas,
Asparagus and spinach, and as for corn -- yes, more please?

Who made pumpkins and beetroot, swedes, potatoes and parsnips,
And those juicy watermelons with their rather large sized pips?
Who made chives and cabbages, tomatoes and avocadoes,
Bananas, peaches and dates, ginger and tamarillos?

'Twas our wonderful Creator, a craftsman extraordinaire,
A generous provider, One who good things loves to share.
This God who created us, and whose love is deep indeed,
Knew right from the beginning, good things that we’d like and need.