M. Linda Steffey

WILL ANYONE CRY? (2nd Version)
Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

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WILL ANYONE CRY? (2nd Version)
Poetry by M. Linda Steffey

Will anyone cry for me, Lord...
When I from this Earth are gone?
Will they remember the good I've done
Or only the things done wrong?
If no one can truly Love me...
Unconditionally or can forgive
Don't want them crying over my Grave
When I have ceased to Live!!

Will anyone cry for us, Lord....
When all my kind are Dead?
Our mercury-laced bodies slaughtered
And to People and school Children fed!!
If they can't see our intelligence...
Or the Joy we bring to the Earth
Don't want them crying later
That they didn't realize our Worth!!

Will anyone Weep for us, Lord....
When all Creatures are hunted, shot?
Man only wanted live targets to shoot..
While our bodies in Fields lay and rot!
We don't wish to hear that they miss us
And the magic in the Forest is gone...
Don't pray to Creator to send you more
Don't care to hear your sad song!!

Will anyone Weep for us,Lord...
When all Rivers are dammed up and gone?
When Man realizes what he has done..
Do you think he has sense to Mourn?
When he wants a cool drink of Water
And there's no more, but salty Sea..
It just might be too late to fuss and complain
Don't wish to hear his story!!...

Will anyone Mourn for us, Lord...
When all Creatures are slaughtered for Greed?
No more Horses run Free nor Whales breach the waves
And there's no more Life sowing Seed!
And when the Sun dawns tomorrow...
What will the History books say?
That Man was given such beautiful Gifts....
And he was Stupid and threw them away!!!.....

(c) M. Linda Steffey 2010