Andrew Pell

The winged Incandescence
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell


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The winged Incandescence
(To Colleen)
Poetry and Music by Andrew Pell

It comes from the highest harmonics of the one flame.
Upon lighting our soul, we will never be the same.
Illuminating our lives and dissipating darkness,
The celestial flight of the winged incandescence
Slow burning and transcending the state of universal consciousness.
Lighting the darkest parts of the globe.
Clothing us with the celestial robe.
Touching burning transforming our mind.
Now we can see for once we were blind.
An invisible power with the touch of a human hand,
Giving to all with no demands.
Projecting its power in a human kiss.
The winged incandescence offers no risk.
Share the light and share the divine love.
The winged incandesce flies below and above.
An eternity of illumination,
A concept far beyond our imagination,
Transmuting and refining darkness,
Giving us a blessing and deeming us as honoured guests.
© Andrew Pell 14/04/2013

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