Yielding To His Right of Way
By Mark Edgemon

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Yielding To His Right of Way
By Mark Edgemon

It was appointed for me to wait until I was willing,
In a cabin chosen for seclusion.
But as civilization encroached,
The changes within began showing.

It only took an unconditional surrender,
The giving of all I had or would ever be,
To taste freedom from fear and worry
And to see the foretold plan unfold.

I am strong, for the Lord is strong in me!
I stand firm, for He surrounds me without
And fills my soul and purpose within.
I have changed, I am still changing altogether.

My spirit knows my direction, even when my mind does not.
I have more than I need, made ready upon asking.
I have winged allies preparing my way
And the enemy gives room when I walk by.

Oh Holy is the One who took this carnal mass
And transformed it into a housing for His domain.
How weak become the evil ones in the reflected light of his confidence.
Radiating through a vessel that was once marred and broken.

And now, all that I do is obedience, with purpose greater than my own.
All that I am is a soul, basking in Purest Light.
And now the power within me is simply understood by the Holy word...

The End

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