Your Door Is a Jar
By Mark Edgemon


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Your Door Is a Jar
By Mark Edgemon

Voices from beyond and around, underneath and overhead,
Computerized cattle prodding for lack of our common sense
And personal irresponsibility. The cameras that film us speeding
And reveal our gentle beauty with x-ray images at airports,
Might encourage us to dance naked on tables, at least we'd collect change;
Change we can believe in; Intrusion; controlling; programming;
Robotic responses to basic stimuli, in order to get along (little doggies).
Right foot blue, left hand red, it's twisting our personal freedoms
Towards slavery to the systematic obedience of our own demise.
And when technology has caught up with the devil's eternal plan,
His mark will be forcibly placed on our heads and hands. As I said...cattle!

The End

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