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Ingredients Descriptions and Photos
Baby Carrots

Baby Carrots
(Baby Carrots) There are two kinds of baby carrots: the true baby carrots which are picked before they are matured, and the mature carrots that are cut into pieces and run through a mechanical peeler that removes the skin and rounds the ends; they are then washed, weighted and bagged. Mostly what we see in the supermarkets are the baby cut carrots, which on the average cost about twice what whole carrots cost. Baby cut carrots are usually produced from carrots that could not otherwise be marketed due to size and imperfections, or they are specially grown to fill market demands.  We usually only buy these carrots for a traveling snack food or when they are on sale.  We also use them for a few specialty recipes.  Since they are really regular carrots, see the nutritional information for Carrots.

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