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Ingredients Descriptions and Photos
Vinegar, Balsamic

Vinegar, Balsamic
(Vinegar, Balsamic) In our opinion, balsamic vinegar is the finest of all grape wine vinegars.  It is also the most expensive, having been aged in wooden barrels for many years.  The lesser expensive brands have been aged for about least five years.  The more expensive brands of balsamic vinegar have been aged in several different flavored wood barrels for longer periods of time.  The aging process also concentrates the flavors. Balsamic is not technically vinegar, and the manufacturing process has more in common with sherry than with other vinegars. It is made from cooked grape juice - white grapes, surprisingly, given balsamic's intense color.   Straight from the bottle or slightly sweetened with a little stevia extract it is great on salads, and adds a wonderful full bodied flavor to dressings and other recipes.  We could not find any nutritional information for balsamic vinegar.

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