A Memorial to Stormie

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A Memorial to Stormie

I am so very, very glad that I shall see Stormie again when my time comes to leave this earth and be with Jesus.

Stormie is my best friend and she was my constant companion until noon on Feb. 18, 2002. She got sick on Feb. 15 and just went down from there. I KNEW on Friday that she would be leaving me; when I looked into her big, brown eyes, the light had gone out.

As her mommy, I just knew she was getting ready to go home. I am of course devastated. I prayed and prayed and asked God to give us a few more years. For some reason that did not happen and she is now with Him. (Photo: Stormie Baby)

Stormie and I weathered many, many storms together. She was always there for me, always glad to see me come home, and always ready to do whatever mommy said to do. I miss our nightly walks, stroking her beautiful shaggy coat of fur, gazing into those liquid pools of brown eyed love, giver her treats, seeing her in the backyard...I miss her presence in my house and in my life. I will never be the same without Stormie. She taught me what loyalty and unconditional love really is. (Photo: Stormie, Mom's Baby)


She was taken by Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia...very quickly and very unexpectedly. On Monday [18 March 2002] it will be 4 weeks and I still cry everyday. We have a new puppy but I don't love her like I love Stormie. It will take a lot of time. I will be very glad to see Stormie again and know that she is having the time of her life...her new life. (Photo: Stormie at the Lake)

Thanks for listening.

In Christ,
Patsy Gates