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By Mark Edgemon

He walked the earth in silence, but the silence gave lease. For He was a Dreamer of dreams, the dreams that became our reality. Before the spirit of man, there was void and emptiness, like unto a house deserted through the death of a loved one and their former home becomes an empty shell. Without sharing, gain is meaningless.

So the Dreamer dreamed a dream and the dream came to life. All dreams are the desires of the Creators. And yet this dream that had been set in motion by its Creator spawned the dreams of a multitude of other dreamers, whose realities were originated from the imagination of a Greater Someone’s dream.

And then, as with all dreams once released, the dreams began to have a life of their own. The creations now set in motion, began creating their own works. Inspiration begat inspiration and so life perpetuated itself and the Dreamer of men’s souls stood back and watched. And the first chapter was written.

It takes Great Faith to release one’s dreams into a corrupt world. It needs be that the world must contribute to the creation for it to be complete.

With every self that merged with His creation, it became less of Him. He continued to watch with sadness as what was once made perfect, now had become marred and of little value.

So He created once again a greater creation, born from His Soul’s Imprint, so that it could not be marred by his former creations. He set the greater creation amongst the now lesser ones for comparison, so the light of His newest creation, could cleanse the marring of His former works. But the marred creations wanted the imperfection and refused to be cleaned. They tried to corrupt the incorruptible and failed…so they broke it.

But for one brief shining moment, the spirit of the greater creation began to be reflected in a few of the lesser creations and the greater creation came alive in those willing vessels that were once marred. And so to this day, the willing creations are restored in part to their former perfection, by the example of the greater creation, which ends the second chapter.

The Creator built a showcase for the transformed creations made of translucent gold. And for the marred creations, he forged a rod of iron to smash them and return them unto the dust from which they were originally created, in order to fill a giant gorge that once filled, will be the foundation for His new showcase, which will end the final chapter.

Moral: The light of Truth will either be received, be reflected or be rejected!

Copyright © 2008 Mark Edgemon

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