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Playful Bear Cubs at Four Paws Bear Sanctuary

From FourPaws
June 2022

Bé is the exuberant one. She throws Em around all over the place!

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rescued Bear Cubs

Back story: Tiny Bear Cubs Rescued Before Being Sold, May 26, 2022

The cubs are doing well and they are growing fast. They are fed six times a day. The team have started to add solid food, gradually increasing the variety.

Bé is the exuberant one. She throws Em around all over the place when they play together! The little one has to put up with a lot but she doesn’t seem to mind. Em does follow Bé around, but also likes to do her own thing sometimes.

The team bought them some new toys and they also get banana leaf, branches, bunches of water spinach to play with. Recently the team started to let the cubs going into the outside enclosure. They love to play in the pool and are even learning to climb already.

There are a couple of tall poles and Bé now thinks it’s great fun to climb right to the top. She has also discovered that is it really fun to lie on her stomach on the tyres that are planted in the ground and slide off them repeatedly.

All in all they seem really happy with their new home!

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