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From Robin - 28 Jun 2007

Subject: I want to know if my boy is going to heaven 


I'm so confused...I studied with Jehovah witnesses a few years ago and I saw in there bible that dogs don't go to heaven. Well could be in a Christian one too. I love our God and Jesus but I have my own way and that's another story. I have to put my best friend in the whole world down. I prayed for God to do it but he's leaving it up to me. He's taking 5 pills twice a day for almost 2 years and now he is suffering. 2 heart mummers and epilepsy. I'm so destroyed. I don't know how I'm going to do this but I would like to know if he's going to heaven. He's been such a good sweet boy and he kept me alive when his dad died 4 years ago and has given me a reason ever since. I read what you wrote and was confused. Can you please just answer this one question? 

Thank you, 


Reply from Bernie

Dear Robin.

Of course your best Friend goes to Heaven he has never sinned. It is only humans and Angels that have sinned. I have a Jehovah's Witness Bible (The NEW WORLD TRANSLATION of the HOLY SCRIPTURES) right here in front of me, and I can tell you without fear of contradiction that! NO-WHERE in it does it say that dogs don't go to Heaven quite the opposite.

     Luke 12:7 "And all flesh will see the saving means of God." (New World Translation).

     Isaiah 40:5 "And the glory of Jehovah will certainly be revealed, and all flesh must see it together, for the very mouth of Jehovah has spoken it." (New World Translation.)

The word(s) (all flesh) in the above verses is "all" Greek pnta PAS it is translated in other verses as every one, every thing, any thing, every creature, whatsoever, every branch, all manner of, and others the word "flesh" is srx SARX meaning the substance of any sort of body it is the key word in the following verse.

     1 Corinthians 15:39 "All flesh is not the same flesh srx SARX: but there is one kind of flesh srx SARX of men: another flesh srx SARX of beasts/animals, another flesh srx SARX of fishes, another flesh srx SARX of birds." 

The Hebrew word is    בָּשָׂר     BASAR  meaning exactly the same as the Greek words.   

and many other verses both in the New World Translation and other Translations.

First! Put the dear Boy out of His pain. He will thank you for it when you meet again soon in your new glorified bodies get another dog from a lost dogs home He will add to your Heavenly family and think of the fun they will have together reminiscing about their sojourns down here with you.

In Jesus' name:


P.S. I'm sure you haven't read all of my book on:


Read it! Especially the reader's comments.

It is graciously hosted by "the Mary and Frank Hoffman Family Foundation" on whose site www.all-creatures.org/ you will find a book called "All Creatures here below" written by Frank Hoffman  (you will find it under books) which tells you all about the Spirits and Souls of  Animals  and other creatures.

I have over twenty translations of the Holy Bible, from many denominations and sects, but still have to go back to the original languages to get the truth.

P.P.S. When two Jehova's Witnesses (different ones) come to my door around every one to two months and start their spiel, I ask them "do animals go to Heaven?" When they say no! I show them one of their own tracts with all sorts of animals on the cover cavorting in a so-called Paradise like park I say "well where do all these come from are they new creations?" They look at me blankly and I give them Frank Hoffman's web site and come in doors and have a good chuckle.

I do the same with the Mormons but I string them along a little further naughty me.

 P.P.P.S. I am interested in your "other story".

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