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We are dedicated to cruelty-free living through a vegan lifestyle according to Judeo-Christian ethics. Unconditional love and compassion is the foundation of our peaceful means of accomplishing this goal for all of God's creatures, whether human or otherwise. See more about our philosophy. SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter!

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mountain lions
Rise Like Lions...
It is time for the vast majority of the population, who do not hunt or trap or raise 'livestock' to take control of wildlife policy.
The Meat and Dairy Industries

Lamb of God
Living Heavenly Lives...
Living heavenly lives is something that should never be turned off or on; it is something that should be an integral part of our nature so that we are always living in the heavenly will of God. And there is more...
An Bible Sermon
[Photo of Krishna, rescued lamb, courtesy of Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary]

Echinacea Tea
Echinacea Tea...
Echinacea Tea is a vegan herbal tea that takes about 5 to 10 minutes to prepare. It is also know for its health benefits in boosting the body's immune system.

Turkey Amelia
How to Talk Turkey...
Most people know very well that animals have feelings and personalities and that being killed is a terrifying and painful experience for them. The problem is that they don’t care or, more likely, have got some sort of callous over the part of their heart that would ache (or the part of their conscience that would object) if they allowed themselves to be conscious of the hurt they are causing.
Animal Rights/Vegan Activist Strategies

Andrew and Bull
Break at work...
"Dear bull, I stand straight in front of you, eye to eye, without any fear. All I feel is the immensity of your sorrow and terror" - Andrew Skowron, Animal Rights Photographer.
Animal Rights/Vegan Activist Strategies

saying goodbye
All-Creatures Newsletter, November 14, 2019...
Why people don’t care about millions of deaths… Learning about Insect abundance… Sentience of trillions of slaughtered Fishes… Horrific German lab will close… Dog meat farm owner gets help to end a business he hated… Animal activists in politics?... Humane alternatives to animal brain experiments… Costco, Bill Gates, Africa: More abuse for billions of Chickens… and more... Weekly Newsletters

slaughtering Salmon
We Now Know Fish Feel Pain. Why Continue Harming Them In The Billions?...
The science is clear: fish can feel pain and want to avoid it. Can we continue to ignore the facts in the face of killing as many as one trillion aquatic animals every year?.

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