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We are dedicated to cruelty-free living through a vegan lifestyle according to Judeo-Christian ethics. Unconditional love and compassion is the foundation of our peaceful means of asccomplishing this goal for all of God's creatures, whether human or otherwise. See more about our philosophy.

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Feature for Friday, September 30
Like shattered glass
animated Daisy Cow
(written in response to LCA's ‘Super Cow’ animation)
"My heart falls to the floor / Like shattered glass / Crystalline, sparkling / Tears that fall / I see images cast, / Story told, woven / Powerful / Resonant / Animated and evoking the child within"....
Environment Articles / Animal Rights/Vegan Activist Strategies

Feature for Thursday, September 29
Exotic Leather: Crocodile and Alligator Farming
farmed Alligators
Crocodiles and alligators are incredible survivors. But these fascinating creatures, who first appeared on the earth around 200 million years ago, are facing a threat like never before. And that threat is unethical fashion.
Clothing/Cosmetics and Animal Abuses

Feature for Wednesday, September 28 Weekly Newsletter for September 29, 2022
poor Rabbit
Poor rabbits who are barely recognized as sentient - 1 trillion (100,000,000,000) individual insects are raised for human food – bringing animal rights into the college classroom – new Captain Paul Watson Foundation – speciesism - Joanne Kong interview – strategies to end geese culls – too many ‘shelter’ animals killed - Sentient (book) - Primatology, Ethics and Trauma (book) – animals killed when their humans commit suicide is ‘peticide’ – real costs of livestock grazing – and more... Weekly Newsletters

Feature for Tuesday, September 27
High-ranked Vet School, Colorado State University, Has Officially Ended the Use of Terminal Labs
lambs brutalized in labs
To replace terminal labs, they have increased student exposure to surgical skills that are foundational to veterinary medicine, provided greater opportunities for repetition and practice, and expanded student access to real-world surgical experiences involving animals in need of procedures.
Alternatives to Animal Testing, Experimentation and Dissection Articles

Feature for Monday, September 26
"Peticide" Describes Animals Killed as Part of Human Suicides
National Link Coalition
The research adds to arguments for data on animal presence in scenarios of human violence to be collected so that responses to protect vulnerable animals, and humans, can be developed.
Companion Animal Care

Feature for Sunday, September 25
Why Do We Try to Convince Ourselves That We Can’t Do Something, Or That Something is Impossible?
Every one of us is created in such a manner that we know deep down in our innermost being what God desires of us. And unless we have become hardened against the unction of the Holy Spirit, from our continual refusal to listen, and have become a sociopath, we know the difference between right and wrong. Then, if we really do know what God desires of us, then why do we try to convince ourselves otherwise and why do we try to convince ourselves that we can't do something or that something is impossible?
An Bible Sermons
[Pictured is Krishna from Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary]

Feature for Saturday, September 24
Banana Strawberry "Ice Cream"
vegan ice cream
Banana Strawberry "Ice Cream" is a delicious whole fruit non-dairy vegan ice-cream alternative that should please most people. Preparation is about 15 to 20 minutes including prepering the fruit for freezing (freezing time not included).

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