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We are dedicated to cruelty-free living through a vegan lifestyle according to Judeo-Christian ethics. Unconditional love and compassion is the foundation of our peaceful means of accomplishing this goal for all of God's creatures, whether human or otherwise. See more about our philosophy. SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter!

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Feature for Friday, July 23:
Philip Wollen
Identifying as a Vegan...
Philip Wollen: Being vegan is simply who I am. So I never actually “became” vegan. One day, I just realized that is who I was.
Articles Reflecting a Vegan Lifestyle


Feature for Thursday, July 22: Iguana
Pathogens Can’t Read Permits...
This article — a response to another article published on the risks of zoonotic disease posed by the illegal wildlife trade — uses the same studies as the original authors to expand on their point, arguing that we must not overlook the risks of the legal wildlife trade.
Food Hazards in Animal Flesh and By-products / Wildlife Articles / COVID-19/Coronavirus Articles Directory


Feature for Wednesday, July 21: Project Chimp
All-Creatures Newsletter, July 22, 2021...
And ANOTHER wild Horse roundup thanks to cattle/sheep ranchers – about consciousness and feelings of beings – Neiman Marcus to be fur-free by 2023 – vegan Eid! – Vegan Voices, edited by Joanne Kong – we lost Dancer – Santiago had 7 wonderful years – Project Chimp neglect exposed again – brutal wildlife killing ‘contests’ – what is your moral baseline? – and more... Weekly Newsletters


Feature for Tuesday, July 20: sentient feelings
Consciousness: The Lack of Consensus About Feelings of Being...
What about consciousness in other animals? Different behavior patterns indicate consciousness. Most researchers and others agree that a wide variety of nonhumans behave in ways that suggest they have inner lives. Many also want to know how nonhumans' inner lives and subjective experiences differ from our own.
Sentience Articles


Feature for Monday, July 19: wild Horse roundup
Tell Congress to Protect America's Wild Horses and Burros...
Horse advocates with the American Wild Horse Campaign are urging animal lovers to call their two US Senators and their Representatives NOW to say: NO on the Chris Stewart Amendment to the 2018 appropriations bill! This would be a disaster for America’s wild horses!Call (202) 224-3121 NOW!
Action Alerts


Feature for Sunday, July 18: Lamb of God
Biblical Veganism Parallels...
Biblical veganism parallels are passages in the Bible that either support or compliment a vegan lifestyle, because the word vegan is not in the Bible because it did not come into use until about 1,900 years after the Bible was written. Veganism is primarily about doing no harm to any animal, but its implications are really fulfilling just about everything the Bible teaches us about living in the heavenly will of God.
An Bible Sermon
[Photo of Krishna, rescued lamb, courtesy of Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary]


Feature for Saturday, July 17 Zucchini Oatmeal Raisin Spice Cookies
Zucchini Oatmeal Raisin Spice Cookies...
Zucchini oatmeal raisin spice cookies are a delightful vegan treat for any day. This recipe will make 24 cookies that are relatively easy to make with preparation time of about 15 minutes and a baking time of about 20 to 25 minutes. Since these cookies contain no preservatives, we suggest storing any leftovers in a covered container or sealed storage bag in the refrigerator.


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