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From Chatlyn - 29 Mar 2010

Dear Bernie,

My name is Chatlyn. I just read about your book in http://www.all-creatures.org/ach/rc-20100112.html  and I am interested. I had so many pets but now they are not with me anymore. Since I was a kid, I only trust my pets or any animals because I had several horrible experience with human so animal like my trust-able companionship. I have been questioning the same question like other "Do my pets will go to heaven?", "Will I meet them again?" I thought Heaven for me is not interesting place without my friends. I had asked about that to my priest but he just laughed at me. I can't ask this kind of question to anyone anymore because i am afraid that I will get the same response. I would like to hear your views on the matter as this is too painful to bear. I also read your response to Marilyn who sent you e-mail on January 12th 2010 that you could send a free-copy of your book "All creatures do go to heaven". Can I get that a free-copy as well? I really really appreciate if you could give me so I have my own compass to guide me during my life in this world.


Reply from Bernie

Dearest Chatlyn.

First send me your address to [email protected]
Then read the first few chapters whilst you are waiting for the book to arrive - will take a short while as I live in Australia. Also read some of the reader's comments.

Of course all your Pets and other creatures will be with you in Heaven in perfect bodies never to die again. After you have read my book you may like to lend it to that Priest who laughed at you, as many of the irrevocable Scriptures that proves this without any shadow of doubt is taken from his own Roman Catholic version of the Holy Scriptures - although he most likely does not know that they are there; as they only preach and believe/teach what they are taught by worldly sinful men

In Jesus' name;

Response from Chatlyn

Dear Bernie,

I am so thankful for your kindness. I live in Netherlands because I've to study here. I already read the first chapter of your book and i will continue to read the next chapter until i get your point.

For this long, i just tried to be a good girl without any purpose. I have one purpose. I can go to heaven and meet with all my trust-able friends over there. Now, heaven seems like an interesting place for me to go.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,
Chatlynbi Pandjaitan.

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