Animal Gospel

They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain,
For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord
As the waters cover the sea. ~Isaiah 11:9

Covenant Prayers

Prayer for angry animals

Merciful God,

Where a genuine chemical imbalance exists in these angry animals, Iím asking You to stretch forth Your Hands to heal and to restore to this animal(s) the primitive beauty, gentleness, playfulness, pleasure, and inquisitiveness that You intended for them. Where appropriate, draw patient and understanding people to comfort and support this animal in his (or her) time of need.

If there is a dental need or some other need in this animal thatís not visible or easily discerned by people who come into contact with this animal, then Iím asking You to bring this animal into the liberties of the children of God. Build and plant healing, renewal, restoration, new teeth, alkalinity to their body, and anything else that theyíre needing according to Your promise to meet their every need in Jeremiah 31:27-28.

If others are trying to assist with any dental needs, urinary tract infections, splinters, thorns, or broken glass in their paw or coat, or any other issues of injury or illness thatís taking away from the quality of life that this animal is experiencing then provide protection, understanding, and patience for those who are so intervening. Bring comfort and wholeness and enable this animal to experience shade from the heat and storms of life through the Word of God, the Kingdom of God, and the people of God.

Pour out Your Holy Spirit upon this animal and give him (or her) peace and rest and answer any questions they may have to the fullest extent that theyíre able to understand, retain the knowledge, and be the better and stronger for knowing it.

If any medications are administered because of an immediate crisis with this animal or these animals, give the veterinarian Your wisdom about the proper dose for this animal(s). And give them understanding of how long theyíre to be on it and of anything else that they need to do to comfort, to mend, and to adjust their diet.

Thank You for meeting this little animalís needs according to Your riches in glory by Christ Jesus according to Your provision for them to this effect in Jeremiah 31:27-28. I thank You, Father, for seeing to all of these details in Jesusí Name


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