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They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain,
For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord
As the waters cover the sea. ~Isaiah 11:9

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What's wrong with believing that this Hosea 2:18 Covenant isn't something that's inaugurated until the Lord returns?

#1.) You can't make any area of the love of God revealed and manifested through the Cross of Christ an eschatological event.

#2.) Since His unchangeableness is part of what defines Him, Christ's love for animals isn't limited to an eschatological event.

#3.) However, were one to make a successful argument for Christ's love, manifested in a Covenant with the animals, as something that's only eschatological, what would move Christ towards compassion towards animals? Our faith in Him as the Good Shepherd of anyone who needs a Shepherd? the cries of the animals? Why this sudden change in the future life's expression of the unchanging Savior? or have animals always been very very deeply on His heart?

#4.) Christ comes, according to Revelation 11, to destroy those who are destroying the earth. And yet there's more than one thing called "earth" in Scripture. When He comes, we see Him in ministry towards animals according to Isaiah chapters 10 and 11, Isaiah chapter 40, Isaiah chapters 65 and 66, and according to you(or anyone who would ask this question) in Hosea chapter 2. If animals are honestly primary on the agenda JUST FOR WHEN Christ returns, where does that leave you since the coming of Christ is the beginning of THE JUDGMENT? Where does this leave animal abusers? And why aren't you preaching about Christ the Savior of the animal kingdom at His appearing, if that's how you HONESTLY take Hosea 2:18 and other Scriptures along those lines? Where does this leave "Second Coming of Christ" preaching that hasn't majored on the eschatological interpretation of these passages that I'm teaching on? Where does this leave Bible prophecy teachers who because of the lust of their appetites won't preach the full meaning of the return of Christ where animals are concerned?

BOTTOM LINE: The thing that's wrong with your question "What's wrong with believing that this Hosea 2:18 Covenant isn't something that's inaugurated until the Lord returns?" and the assumptions that are at the foundation of this question is that in your mind it relieves you of responsibilities towards the animals and in your preaching and teaching that it does not in any way relieve you of. You're still accountable for the false information that you're more than likely helping to spread/maintain in the general public about what animals being placed in our custody by God means.


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