Animal Gospel

They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain,
For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord
As the waters cover the sea. ~Isaiah 11:9

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What do you say to the argument that this is a threat to cultural diversity and the heritage of many peoples to oppose what you call cruelty towards animals?

Human slavery, the oppression of women, and the severest exploitations of human children were once thought to be separate and distinct from moral issues because they were alleged to be a matter of cultural heritage. But those have been proven to be wrong to people of sound moral reasoning faculties and to those with divinely inspired minds and hearts. To call animal exploitation a cruelty that must be abolished isn't an anti-Semitic remark. It's not an anti-Spaniard or an anti-African American stance. Animal abuse and criminal exploitation is part of the old order that Christ is returning in great power to abolish through His High Priestly mediatory functions at the right hand of God. Animal exploitation is but another evil that will soon pass away!


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