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They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain,
For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord
As the waters cover the sea. ~Isaiah 11:9

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Martin, don't you realize that the things that you are saying are going to get you into the deepest trouble?

I'm reminded continually of Patrick Henry's Give me liberty or give me death? speech and of various other comments by the founding fathers about both the slavery institution and their comments when they were demanding their own liberation from England. After a while, when one becomes so liberty-minded, any form of oppression becomes anathema. For someone to be very mindful of their own personal liberty and to not [really] care for the liberation of others by Christ, that don't happen to believe as they do, as in the case of those who are still strangers to the Abrahamic covenants of promise such as those outside of the fellowship of Christ as in the case of the wicked and those of other species that's a very very selfish attitude to take, that's missed the whole point of the teachings of Jesus Christ and of all of the Old Testament prophets! Billions of animals needlessly die every single year for no better reasons than to satisfy someone's taste buds, that was in absolutely no danger of starvation if they hadn't bitten into a mouthful of an animal that once gave it's Creator joy to see.

The cause of liberty, though not an eternal struggle, is one that's spanned the ages of Creation since it's deprivation of the glory of God in the fall. Hospitals were set up for animals in India 2500 years ago. Pythagoras, Plato, and countless others to whom many hundreds of millions of people look to with respect and reverence for their contributions to the cause of human liberty spoke equally as passionately about the cause of animal suffering and exploitation. Animals deserve to live their lives out free from the fear of being hunted down by wicked and ungodly men who are bent on satisfying their own wickedness with the remains of animals that would rather not be eaten, worn, or displayed as trophies to the vanity, arrogance, and virility of fallen and senseless man!

Bottom line: I can't remain silent on an issue that God has not remained silent to me about. The things said on this web site were not things that I made up. And these aren't truths that I've treasured all of my life. I'm as new to this area of the Word of God as anyone else. I do know, though, that in the judgment that the blood of countless animals will be on my hands if I don't say all that God is saying to me regarding this issue. I don't have a choice. This isn't a creative vanity to write about these things, nor is it written intentionally devisive. This is THE Word of Almighty God for our generation. Into Christ's hands I entrust my spirit. Maranatha!


Go on to Martin, don't you realize that if anything were really wrong with what you call "enslaving animals" and eating them that God would have overthrown this a long time ago? What makes you think, given the long history of eating animals, that this is something that's wrong?
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