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Pig Wrestling - No Matter What It's Called - Is Cruel Bullying

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Originally Posted: June 26, 2013

Pig Wrestling - No Matter What It's Called - Is Cruel Bullying

FROM Alliance for Animals and the Environment


Please help us put an end to pig wrestling in Wisconsin. It is possible. It is the law.

pig wrestling bullies bullying1. Let us know of any events in your area. Contact us by e-mail. Or send newspaper clippings to us at Alliance For Animals and the Environment, No Pig Wrestling, P.O. Box 1632, Madison WI 53701

2. E-mail us if you would like to attend a pig wrestling event (see Local Events for our current listing) to photograph, videotape, leaflet, etc.

3. Boycott any summer fair or event that holds pig wrestling and let the organizers know why you aren't attending.

4. Write a letter to your county District Attorney asking him/her to uphold Wisconsin state laws and prosecute offenders.

5. Write a polite letter to the editor to your local newspaper. If the paper promotes or publicizes pig wrestling events, point out that under Wisconsin Animal Cruelty laws, promoting pig wrestling is illegal. 


AFAE has notified Wisconsin pig wrestlilng organizers and expressed concerns regarding their events. We are deeply concerned about the illegality of these events and the threat they pose to animals, participants, and spectators.

We have consulted with two attorneys with expertise in Wisconsin's animal law and are advised that these events are in clear violation of the Wisconsin Statues.

Do they believe they are above the law?

Please educate yourself about pig wrestling and make it a summer resolution to put an end to this display of man's inhumanity.

We are better than this. 

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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