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Whether you are in Oregon or not, Speak Out Against Animal Scramble

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Originally Posted: July 6, 2013

Whether you are in Oregon or not, Speak Out Against Animal Scramble

See UPDATE July 8, 2013: Kelli Fisher, President of the Cottage Grove Riding Club, agreed to not use rabbits, but will be using chickens instead! As we all know, swapping out one sentient creature to terrorize for another is most definitely not the answer - Animal Scramble Organizers Switch from Rabbits to Chickens!

[Ed. Note: TAKE ACTION because a similar event was ended: SHARK Shuts Down Cruel "Barnyard Scramble"]

FROM Eugene Veg Education Network


On July 12 and 13, the Cottage Grove Riding Club in Oregon plans to hold its annual Animal Scramble at its annual rodeo.  Rabbits, who are specially bred for this event, are tossed from trucks into the arena and on the count of three, LOTS of children run out screaming and yelling and chase down and thoughtlessly grab and capture the rabbits.

Watch the video here:

Please call or email and tell the Riding Club to cancel the event:
Kelli Fisher
Cottage Grove Riding Club
online contact form:

See House Rabbit Society's letter to the Cottage Grove Riding Club - PDF


It is a horrific event, and once the event is over, the rabbits are sent home as prizes with the participants. According to Red Barn, whose volunteers have been monitoring this event, rabbits have ended up injured at the event, and abandoned afterwards.

rabbit rodeo scramblePhoto on the right was taken at the 2012 event.

We are working with PETA and Red Barn Rabbit Rescue to try to get the Riding Club to cancel this cruel and inhumane event.

After doing research and watching a video we have decided that there cannot be any possible way to make this event rabbit friendly. In addition, it is clear to us that breeding over 75 rabbits for the event is grossly irresponsible and does nothing to help the disheartening rabbit overpopulation. Therefore we wrote to the Cottage Grove Riding club asking them to discontinue this event. We conceded that it may be difficult to stop this year’s Scramble but that they should stop all future Scrambles as they are not the responsible thing to do concerning the rabbit.

We feel we should just be able to stop at the breeding but feel inclined to also point out that the event puts these animals in what is arguably the most terrifying situation a rabbit could be in. We have also heard stories about rabbits running under the trucks and trailers tires. Finally, more than likely the majority of the kids getting these rabbits have absolutely no idea how to take care of one properly.

We know where we stand and have expressed ourselves to the CG Riding Club. They declined to reply either verbally or in writing. Therefore we are asking that you watch a video or attend the Animal Scramble on Saturday night and let the CG Riding Club know what your feelings are toward the event. We have attached the letters that were sent to the Club by our rescue. With any luck we can convince the Club to do the right thing and remove this event from future Rodeos.  

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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