Macy's, Inc., is planning to include a SeaWorld float in its Thanksgiving Day parade
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SeaWorld of Hurt and Save Lolita
October 2013


Despite receiving information about SeaWorld's shameful history of denying animals everything that is natural and important to them, Macy's, Inc., is planning to include a SeaWorld float in its annual Thanksgiving Day parade.

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From Save Lolita

Macy’s is apparently falling behind the times and endorsing SeaWorld through a sea-themed float in this Thanksgiving Day Parade. This decision is outraging people worldwide because the truth and suffering behind keeping cetaceans in captivity has recently been brought to public attention due to numerous documentaries and books such as “The Cove”, “Blackfish”, and “Death at SeaWorld”. Please take a few minutes to sign the petition against the float and contact Macy’s via their Facebook page and Corporate headquarters.

Most of all, share this information with friends and family. If we all join together we can urge Macy’s to stop promoting exploitation and domination to the millions of children and families who watch the parade each year. Also, consider donating to OPS so they can send a copy of “The Cove” to everyone at Macy’s corporate headquarters.  

Tell Macy's:

  • It offends me that Macy's, a company that I like, would support SeaWorld, which confines marine mammals to tiny pools for their entire lives and forces them to perform mindless tricks for people's entertainment.
  • I will boycott Macy's until it cancels SeaWorld's float in its Thanksgiving Day parade. SeaWorld has been exposed for deceiving the public, putting its employees in danger, and depriving orcas of everything that is natural and important to their species.
  • If SeaWorld appears in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, I will cross Macy's off my Black Friday shopping list. It's irresponsible to promote a business that has a lengthy public history of cruelty to animals.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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