Please thank Andrew Fielding for using only non-lethal goose control measures
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Action for Animals
December 2013


Victory for Geese!

Thanks to everyone who signed our petition, and the work of a few dedicated volunteers, Washington State Parks has confirmed that they will not be using lethal methods to kill geese at Sammamish State Park or any other Washington State parks in 2014!

Please send a quick email to Andrew Fielding, the State Parks Resource Manager, expressing your support and thanks for using only non-lethal goose control measures, and ask that goose killing never resume in Washington State parks:

[email protected]

Please also support Action For Animals work on behalf of geese and all other animals by making a special year-end donation to Action for Animals.

Special thanks go to Diane W for all her hard work on this campaign - read Great Goose News:

Last June, Washington State Parks hired USDA Wildlife Services to kill geese at Lake Sammamish State Park.  The adult geese and goslings were rounded up, stuffed into gas chambers in the back of USDA trucks, and gassed to death.
Many individuals and organizations spoke out against the killing and asked the state to use proven non-lethal deterrents instead.
The good news is that State Parks is not planning on killing geese at Lake Sammamish State Park or any other state park in 2014!
State Parks met with various agencies and groups and reviewed an extensive list of humane measures.  They will implement those having the most likelihood of success, while staying within budget.

Their focus will be on Lake Sammamish State Park, since it is in an urban area with many geese.

The current plan includes using:

  •  volunteers with dogs
  •  remote devices, such as airboats to scare the geese away
  •  landscape modifications
  •  fencing, such as snow fencing especially during the park off-season
  •  predator cutouts
  •  better signage and enforcement of rules prohibiting the feeding of wildlife

There are also capital improvements planned for Lake Sammamish State Park that will include major landscape modifications. In an effort to commercialize the park and make it “profitable” they are considering adding a restaurant, lodge, artificial turf for soccer fields, etc., which will have a negative impact on wildlife habitat. However, some capital improvements include shoreline and wetland restoration for wildlife.
The situation still needs to be closely monitored to make sure that the state provides space for wildlife and does not resume killing, but for now the geese are safe.
Killing is not a long-term solution. It creates a void in the environment and other geese soon move in, which then creates an endless cycle of killing. In addition, killing is not the answer to every real and perceived wildlife issue. We must do a better job of sharing the earth with wildlife. Together we can make a difference.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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