Tell the BLM Oregon: Protect Wild Horses in Sage Grouse Conservation Plans
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American Wild Horse Preservation
February 2014


BLM wild horse roundup sage grouse

Please do not let the BLM and their rancher constituencies get away with using the sage grouse as an excuse to further destroy the remaining wild horse and burro populations in Oregon.

Although wild horse habitat comprises less than a quarter of sage grouse habitat, many of the alternatives under consideration set the stage for a reduction in allowable population levels and acreage for wild horses. Predictably, although livestock grazing occurs in 95% of sage grouse habitat in Oregon, the BLM's preferred alternative would reduce livestock grazing acreage and levels by just 1%, even though livestock outnumber wild horses in the planning area by at least 30 to 1!

BLM wild horse roundup sage grouse

Get your comments in today!The final RMPA/EIS must accurately reflect the Bureau of Land Managementís (BLMís) MANDATE to protect wild horses and burros vs. its DISCRETION to authorize livestock grazing.

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BLM Oregon
Greater Sage Grouse RMPA/EIS
[email protected]

Mail (Must be postmarked February 20, 2014):
BLM - Greater Sage-Grouse DEIS
1220 SW Third Avenue
Portland, OR 97204


Thanks to all who have submitted comments on Bureau of Land Management's (BLM's) Nevada, Idaho and Utah sage grouse plans -- we've generated almost 20,000 comments so far! Now it's time to submit our comments on the BLM Oregon's sage grouse plan. The plan will impact 17 wild horse Herd Management Areas (HMAs), including the famed Sulphur Springs HMA, home to mustangs, such as the two pictured at left, with direct Spanish heritage,

As expected, the BLM Oregon's plan reduces livestock grazing by just one percent, even though livestock grazing impacts 95% of sage grouse habitat in the state. By contrast, wild horses inhabit less than one-quarter of sage grouse habitat in Oregon where they are outnumbered by livestock 30-1. Yet the proposed plan could set the stage for reducing wild horse populations and/or habitat. So please take a minute to tell BLM Oregon not to use sage grouse protection as an excuse to reduce wild horse populations in the state.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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