Urge Little Everglades Ranch to Drop The Great Bull Run
Action Alert from All-Creatures.org


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
March 2014


running of bulls pamplonaThere are countless fun, adrenaline-packed events that the venue could hold that would not put animals at risk. New Orleans, for instance, holds an annual event in which The Big Easy Rollergirls roller derby team chases participants through the French Quarter. Another option would be to replace the live bulls with humans in bull costumes for a fun, family-friendly event that does not put animals in harm's way.

Contact Little Everglades Ranch General Manager Katie Carris and politely ask her to drop this cruel, dangerous event.

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And/or better yet, make direct contact:

Katie Carris, Ranch Manager
Little Everglades Ranch
38230 Jordan Road
Dade City, FL 33523
Barn: (352) 521-0366
Fax: (352) 521-0377
[email protected]  


Despite receiving information from PETA about the cruelty inherent in The Great Bull Run, Little Everglades Ranch refuses to consider humane alternatives to its planned event, in which live bulls will be forced to participate in a bull run inspired by Pamplona's dangerous Running of the Bulls.

There is no way to be sure that these animals won't suffer or become injured at these events. After having been loaded onto trucks, potentially driven hundreds of miles, and herded into an arena filled with screaming people, the bulls will run in panic as they are chased by horses through a rowdy crowd. As they rush through the course, they can crash into the barriers, fall and break their legs, or collide with and injure each other.

At every one of these runs, people have been trampled and hospitalized. Two people were rushed to the hospital following an event in Dinwiddie County, Va., in August 2013; one runner's pelvis was broken in three places after he had been run down by a herd of bulls in Conyers, Ga.; and a man sustained head injuries after having been trampled at a Houston-area run in January 2014. It seems that it will be only a matter of time before someone is killed during a Great Bull Run if these events are allowed to continue in the United States.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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