Stop Physicians from Prescribing Premarin and Duaveen
Action Alert from


Fund for Horses
March 2014


We must stop doctors from prescribing Premarin.

Premarin is made with conjugated equine estrogen = Pregnant Mare Urine.

The word equine was removed years ago from the conversation, packaging and product descriptions about Premarin and its sister drugs, including the newest one, Duavee.

Most doctors are therefore unaware of how the Premarin family of drugs are made.

Just as many are unaware about the cruelty behind the making of these drugs - the abuses to the mares and deaths of untold numbers of "byproduct foals."

You can help by printing and sending our letter (3p, pdf) to OB/GYNs.

Help by sharing this page with at least 10 women, and ask them to share it with 10 women.


A majority of the horses used to make Premarin are no longer on pee farms in North America. They have been moved, far away and out of sight. We cannot allow out of sight to mean out of mind.

You can give Premarin horses the voice they need. You can spare Premarin mares from the pee line and their foals from certain death.

You do this every time you stop a doctor from prescribing and a woman from taking any of the Premarin family of drugs.

This is a USDA photograph. It is sanitized version of what extracting pregnant mare's urine really looks like.

premarin pregnant mare urine

This is what it really looks like. We apologize for the poor image equality. However, it is exceedingly difficult to get inside the "pee farms" to take photos.

premarin pregnant mare urine

premarin pregnant mare urine

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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