Ducks Unlimited Denounced for Holding Extremely Cruel Live "Phigeon" Shoot
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March 2014


Within hours of this original alert, SHARK received an email from Ducks Unlimited that they have canceled the March 20 PHIGEON SHOOT...Read Ducks Unlimited CANCELS Phigeon Shoot


Let Ducks Unlimited know that you are outraged at their March 20 phigeon shoot... Yes "phigeon" - because they stick pheasant feathers into the bodies of pigeons before they shoot the pigeons...

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On March 20, 2014, Ducks Unlimited is holding a fundraiser at the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club, located in Prior Lake, MN, in conjunction with a live pigeon shoot where 2,000 birds will be released and slaughtered for fun.

The event is called a “Phigeon shoot." We wondered what a "Phigeon shoot" was, so we sent an email to Terry Correll, the general manager for the Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club, in January of 2012.

Below is from the email from Correll:

"Once apon a time of a staff person got bored releasing birds over the 2 1/2 hours and decided to take some of the tail feathers that were left over in some of the bird crates and stuck the quill of the tail feather below the skin of a pigeon and released it."

"One of the DU committee was dog handling to retrieve the downed pigeons on that shoot and thought it could be a sales tool."

Pigeon shoots are extremely cruel events where living birds are shot at as targets, it is killing for the sake of killing. As vicious as a pigeon shoot is, what makes the Ducks Unlimited shoot even more horrific is that employees of the hunt club jam sharp pheasant feathers into the backs of the pigeons and then release them to be shot for fun.

It’s as sick and twisted as you can get, but Ducks Unlimited thought it was so great that it could be a “sales tool.” This is illegal and we are calling on the authorities to stop it from happening.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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