Protect Orcas from Deadly Navy Sonar
Action Alert from


Center for Biological Diversity
March 2014


Tell the Navy to find a way to "practice" that won't bring unnecessary harm to our ocean's highly vulnerable wildlife.

Sign an online petition.

And/or better yet, make direct contact:

Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Northwest
Attention: Ms. Kimberly Kler
NWTT EIS/OEIS Project Manager
1101 Tautog Circle, Suite 203
Silverdale, WA 98315-1101

People to call as posted at Contact:

  • Commanding Officer (360) 396-0043, DSN 744-0043
  • Executive Officer (360) 396-0043, DSN 744-0043
  • Command Secretary (360) 396-0043, DSN 744-0043
  • Counsel (360) 396-0040, DSN 744-0040
  • Operations Officer (360) 396-0247, DSN 744-0247
  • Deputy Operations Director (360) 396-1471, DSN 744-1471
  • Environmental Director (360) 396-0008, DSN 744-0008
  • Business Director (360) 396-0081, DSN 744-0081
  • Deputy for Small Business (360) 396-0038, DSN 744-0038
  • Safety Manager (360) 396-0277, DSN 744-0277
  • Public Affairs Officer (360) 396-6387, DSN 744-6387 (360) 340-5592 cell phone
  • Capital Improvements Team (Construction) (360) 396-0090, DSN 744-0090
  • Asset Manager (360) 396-5022, DSN 744-5022
  • Internship Program Manager (360) 396-0932, DSN 744-0932
  • Inspector General (360) 396-0007, DSN 744-0007
  • Portal Webmaster (360) 315-1972


The oceans are a place where whales should swim and play, but the Navy is destroying the tranquility of the sea.

In the Pacific Northwest, off the coast of Washington, Oregon and California, the Navy has dropped "practice" bombs into the ocean and blasted high-intensity sonar into areas critical to endangered orcas, dolphins and other marine mammals.

What's not easily seen may be easy to ignore -- but Navy sonar puts these animals at risk of severe and permanent hearing loss. And even when the sonar doesn't result in physical injury, it can disrupt feeding, migration and breeding or drive these animals from areas vital to their survival.

While we won a temporary victory in 2013 -- when a court sided with us that the government had not considered important new science about the dangerous impacts of sonar -- the problems have still not been cured.

Act now and urge the Navy to find a way to train that won't bring unnecessary harm to our ocean's highly vulnerable wildlife.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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