Tell GROUPON to keep their word and NOT sell shark cartilage products
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Gary Stokes, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
May 2014

VICTORY UPDATE June 2: Groupon Bans All Shark Products from their Sites Worldwide


Sign the petition to have Groupon USA remove shark cartilage products

shark cartilage extinction
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Sharks being processed for consumption
Photo: Kim McCoy / Sea Shepherd


For more details, read Pills of Extinction.

In 2013, the global shopping organization GROUPON was challenged by Sea Shepherd on ethical grounds over a promotional offer for Shark Cartilage pills on an offer within Asia. Groupon made a swift and responsible decision to not only cease the promotion immediately, but to announce that GROUPON would “also refrain from launching any deals involving shark or shark fin related products.”

Thousands welcomed this statement globally and it restored faith in the company.

shark cartilage extinction Groupon
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Photo: Gary Stokes / Sea Shepherd

Sadly like most corporations, greed or ignorance seems to have triumphed, and today GROUPON has an offer for Shark Cartilage pills on offer for US$7.99 on their US websites.  

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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