Help Save 3.6 Million Farmed Animals a Year
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Andrea Hegland
November 2014


An initiative is gaining momentum in Washington State to require the state prison and welfare system to go VEGAN! A grassroots effort is aimed at having this on the ballot in 2016.

Help create this movement for institutional meals to be more plant based!

Please support this effort here:


This could be a game changer since it is systemic and a model for public institutions.  I have also calculated the savings if the active US military went vegan as well.  The numbers are astonishing.  I have reached out to my congressional delegation asking them to start this conversation with the military.

An omnivore diet generates way more carbon, consumes a huge amount of water, and causes a laundry list of diseases. This proposal could save the state upwards of $33 million, 300,000 tons of carbon, 40 billion gallons of water, and 3.6 million farmed animals.

If this concept were to spread to all state prisons and the military, an estimated 56,000,000 farmed animals could be saved every year!

The first step is to conduct a public opinion survey which is planned for January. The initiative must gather enough signatures to submit to the Legislature in December 2015. It could go to a vote in 2016 and that is why the survey is so important.

Please consider making a contribution and sharing this exciting news! This could really be a fundamental game changer for farmed animals.

For more information, visit

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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