Thank Mary Matalin for her OP ED about abusing baby monkeys
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End Maternal Deprivation Experiments
November 2014


From Mary Matalin's Op Ed in the "If NIH Hadnít Spent So Much Money Abusing These Baby Monkeys, We Might Have An Ebola Vaccine By Now":

Try this one on for size: An NIH laboratory just outside the beltway has received $30 million in the last seven years to breed hundreds of depressed baby monkeys, take them from their moms at birth, lock them all alone inside tiny cages, systematically scare the heck out of them with loud noises and mechanical snakes, among other things, and addict them to alcohol in order to make their depression worse.

Read entire Op Ed here...

Please THANK Mary Matalin for her Op Ed and encourager her to continue to expose the waste that vivisection is for animals, for humans, for medicine, for health...

The Office Of Mary Matalin
Gaslight Inc.
314 Queen Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
phone (703) 739-6006
fax (703) 739-6171
[email protected]


For more information, articles, alerts about monkey maternal deprivation experiments, go here!

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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