DO Elephants Go To Heaven?
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Dream Out Loud Films
January 2015


We are currently in production on a documentary shooting in Africa - DO Elephants Go to Heaven? We we will be running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter from February 3 - March 3 2015.

Your support and a successful raise of $50,000 will allow Dream Out Loud Films to raise global awareness of why it is morally wrong to cage or kill these magnificent sentient beings.

DO Elephants Go to Heaven? will open a door to a new elephant world starting in Zimbabwe and ending in China. 

INFORMATION / How To Support

Visit the website to donate via Kickstarter and/or via their site.

DO Elephants Go To Heaven? explores the devastation caused by the belief
that we are separate from animals and nature.

Working with safari guides and elephant whisperers, we will tell the stories of elephants orphaned by culling and poaching, and follow the tragic journey of Zimbabwe’s kidnapped baby elephants, destined for zoos in China and 70 years of misery in captivity.

Dream Out Loud Films has been working with Alyne Fortgang, the Founder of Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants, assisting her efforts to send the remaining two elephants to a sanctuary. We shot a video last year at the Woodland Park Zoo, you can view Danielle Connects with the Elephants here.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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