Urge Prosecution of Student Who Punched Out the Eyes of a Helpless Emu
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Unied Poultry Concerns (UPC)
March 2015

[See follow-up alert February 2016 - Molly the Emu: The Latest New on Her Case]

[See GOOD news: Molly the Emu’s Killer Found Guilty of Felony Animal Cruelty, May 2016]


On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015, eighteen-year old student Cassius Mankin entered the property of Bob and Carol Falk in Comanche County, Texas with several other people, both minors and adults.

They took the couple’s emu to a party where they allegedly punched out her eyes and choked her to death. Police charged Mankin, a high school football player, with felony animal abuse.

The long necks and excellent periscopic vision of emus enable them to survey the land for miles in all directions at once
Image and comment from United Poultry Concerns.

Urge District Attorney and County Attorney that Cassius Mankin be prosecuted for felony animal abuse. While all forms of animal abuse are egregious, punching out the eyes of a living creature is a particularly brutal act of sadism in the individual who would do this. Molly the emu was not an "it." She was a fellow being, a beloved member of a family, who suffered the utmost agony and terror at the hands of her killer. 

Sign an online petition here.

And/Or better yet, make direct contact:

Judicial District Court Attorney B. J. Shepherd
PO Box 368
Meridian, TX 76665
Phone: 254-435-2994
Fax: 254-435-2952

To urge prosecution of the minors who are charged with criminal trespass and criminal mischief, contact:

Comanche County Attorney Craig Willingham
101 West Central
Comanche, TX 76442
Phone: 325-356-2313
Fax: 325-356-3070


In a phone call today (3/27/15), the Comanche County District Court Attorney’s Office told United Poultry Concerns that the case against Cassius Mankin is “pending.”

Emus are gentle, friendly birds with a strong family life in which both parents actively participate in nest-building, incubating and raising their young. Emus are members of the oldest living family of birds on earth, known as ratites, or flightless fowl, which includes ostriches.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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