Tell Obama to Ban Ivory Sales in the US!
Action Alert from


In Defense of Animals (IDA)
May 2015


Can the U.S. Stop African Elephants from Going Extinct in One Generation?

Please immediately contact the Obama Administration. You can say, "I am concerned about elephants and I do not want them going extinct due to the ivory trade. Please propose a rule to end the ivory trade in the United States."

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20500
phone (202) 456-1111 

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Did you know that the United States is the world's second largest retail market for ivory, second only to China, when it comes to fueling the global poaching and smuggling crisis?

African elephants need our help here in the U.S. If we don't take action NOW, it may be too late to save this magnificent and keystone species. President Obama is currently considering this issue on a federal level so please contact him.

State-level legislation is also vital now due to current loopholes in our federal laws. Thanks to increased awareness from an array of organizational and individual elephant and rhino advocates working tirelessly in partnership with lawmakers of both political parties to institute laws protecting elephants in the rest of our nation's states, 25 states have considered, or are now considering, legislation to restrict the trade of ivory and rhino horn within their borders. New York and New Jersey already have legislation in place and the latest state to pass this protection for elephants and rhinos is Oregon. Some of you have helped to accomplish this with your efforts, and we thank you!

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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