International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos
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In Defense of Animals (IDA)
June 2015


Join us in Solidarity on Sunday, June 28 in person or online!

IDA first launched 'The International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos' (IDAEZ) in 2009, a global event to raise awareness about the plight of elephants in zoos and to end their suffering and ideally to send elephants in zoos to accredited sanctuaries. In its first year, committed activists in 33 cities in 7 countries held outreach events and demonstrations, drawing media attention and educating the public about the tragic effects of keeping elephants in small, unnatural zoo pens where they have been suffering and dying prematurely.


(1) Attend a demo if you will be near Roanoke, VA, San Antonio, TX or Edmonton in Alberta, Canada: We are starting small this year, with a focus of peaceful demonstrations in three locations for the three completely solitary elephants in North American zoos (Canada and the U.S).Unfortunately, there are too many solitary elephants in too many other parts of the world (see internet activism option below to advocate for other elephants in other captive conditions).

If you live near one of these area's regions please come in person to meet your elephant advocacy neighbors and contribute to the efforts of local activists for these zoos on June 28th (with times to be announced soon).

- For Asha, an African elephant in Roanoke, VA at Natural Bridge Zoo. To learn more, click here.

- For Lucky, an Asian elephant in San Antonio, TX, at San Antonio Zoo. To learn more, click here.

- For Lucy, an Asian elephant in Edmonton Valley Zoo in Alberta, Canada. To learn more, click here.

All of these solitary elephants are female perhaps a particular tragedy given that in the wild, they would be living in close-knit, multi-generational social groups, as aunties, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and maybe even granddaughters. The females would normally stay with their matrilineal families for life!

We also recognize that there are many too many other elephants in captivity who may be at the same zoo as other elephants but cannot or do not socialize for reasons of incompatibility, separation for health issues or other reasons. This is also completely unacceptable and we hope this focus on solitary elephants encourages even more awareness about those various other lonely, captive elephants.

(2) Participate online! Post a photo, poem, graphic, art, words, or data supporting the freedom of elephants in zoos and captivity on our Facebook Event Page here by June 28. (Please create reasonably acceptable posts for children, so they can join in too!) We invite all of you to join with your elephant compatriots - from anywhere in the world online to make more global statement of action for elephants in zoos and captivity. Let others know about your advocacy, your concerns, etc. regarding elephants in zoos everywhere around the globe by:

- Posting on this Facebook page.

- Share this event page and invite others to join in!

- Although the tradition has been to focus this event on elephants in zoos we care about ALL elephants in captivity EVERYWHERE. This includes circuses, elephants in other forms of captivity (as in Zimbabwe) and private collections around the world. Please share what you have been doing to help these elephants too! Post your concerns, photos, drawings, etc. in a family-friendly way.

Although our scope is geographically limited for physical demonstrations this year- with your help - this event can be enormous and GLOBAL in its reach online. Through the IDAEZ Facebook Event Page, we will build the foundation for this event and its message to go even more international and global next year.

With this event, we can impact the hearts, minds, policy and legislation regarding captivity for not only these three lonely elephants, but for ALL elephants in captivity AROUND THE WORLD.

Our shared goal is to raise awareness and peaceful action about elephants in zoos and captivity everywhere. Yet we also hope this serves to connect activists and to encourage concern and support for local efforts wherever they may be!

3) Finally, send our letter to the representatives for each of these zoo's districts asking them to please send these lonely elephants to a sanctuary where they can receive adequate care and be in the company of other elephants in whatever form may be best for them.

Personalize and submit the form below to email your comments and/or call:

Mayor Don Iveson of Edmonton, Alberta

Mayor Ivy Taylor, of San Antonio, Texas
Chief of Staff, Jill DeYoung

Rockbridge, VA Board Of Supervisor David W. Hinty Jr.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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