Sao Paulo, Brazil, Goes Fur Free AND Foie Gras Free!
Action Alert from


Anti-Fur Society (AFS)
July 2015


fur-free Sao Paulo

AFS sent out an alert asking compassionate people to write to the Mayor of Sao Paulo in whose hands was the power to make the city, the second in the world, to go fur free as well as fois gras free.

Well he did it! He heard from people around the world, and did not allow himself to be dictated to by the inhumane fur industry.

Congratulations, Sao Paulo!

Please THANK the Mayor of Sao Paulo who was responsible for several marvelous outcomes.

The Honorable Mayor
Mr. Fernando Haddad
Sao Paulo - SP Brazil
[email protected]
[email protected]


 A few more things you might now know about Sao Paulo:

  • OUTLAWED: Fois gras.
  • OUTLAWED: Animals in circuses.
  • OUTLAWED: Fur farms.
  • OUTLAWED: Lab tests on animals.
  • A Sao Paulo congressman fought for years to build animal hospitals for low income people, and got it too.
  • Sao Paulo now has several units where animals are spayed and neutered, and treated for free.
Listen up, world! Sao Paulo did all this, why can't the world? But just a small detail: Sao Paulo animal rights people are very intense!

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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