Taxpayers Shouldn't be Forced to Pay Over $12 Billion for Worthless Goverment Animal Experiments
Action Alert from


White Coat Waste Project
September 2015


Every year the government taxes us over $12 billion dollars for painful and unnecessary experiments on animals like beagles. Guess who picks up the bill? You do, every April 15.

"I'm willing to admit that. I can't deny that scientists are very strongly influenced by where the DOLLAR is coming from." - Peter Gerone, TAXPAYER-funded animal experimenter

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Right now, the government wastes over $12 BILLION in tax dollars every year to pay for wasteful, painful, and ineffective animal experiments. Help us expose and eliminate the waste by holding the animal abusers accountable.

Anthony Bellotti, founder, White Coat Waste Project: "We need to choke the source of the problem. Wasteful government spending."

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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