We Can Save the Rays, Please Take Action!
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January 2017


The campaign against the cruel and ecologically reckless bowfishing contests that target the gentle, beloved cownose rays of the Chesapeake Bay is progressing!

A Coalition has been formed to promote the campaign, and nearly 150,000 people have signed a petition against the contests. Additionally, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources has proposed restricting the use of projectile gear to catch the rays. (The majority of comments submitted in response to it have been favorable.)

killing rays

Watch video here!

Legislation to ban these contests has now been introduced in the Maryland legislature, and a hearing will be held in the Senate this Tuesday (1/31)!


Please contact your state representatives and urge them to SUPPORT the Cownose Ray Fishing Contest Prohibition (go here HB211 AND go here SB0268).


Please let the Maryland Office of Tourism know what you think of this blood "sport.” Also, if you haven’t already signed the petition please do so here!

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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