In Chai's Memory, Please Take These Two Actions
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Northwest Animal Rights Network / Friends of the Woodland Park Zoo Elephants
February 2016


We are asking that the Seattle City Council, Mayor Murray and Woodland Park Zoo urge the Oklahoma City Zoo to retire Bamboo to an accredited elephant sanctuary.

Please do what is right for Chai's companion, Bamboo, and the other elephants held at the Oklahoma City Zoo and give them the opportunity to enjoy brighter days and space to roam - something that Chai never got to experience.

PLEASE do two things in Chai’s memory:

1. Send an email to Seattle’s newly elected City Council, Mayor Murray and the Seattle City Council. Addresses to cut and paste are below. Just one line will do!

[email protected], [email protected][email protected], [email protected][email protected],
[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected], [email protected]

2. Sign this petition: Chai Is Dead - Tell the Oklahoma City Zoo to Close Elephant Exhibit

Chai at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo before being moved to Oklahoma...


When Scientific American described elephants’ lives in zoos as torturous, Chai could have been the poster child. Ripped from her mother as a 1-year-old baby she was crated and shipped from Thailand to a cold, barren barn cell in Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo. At 19 years old and after countless failed artificial insemination attempts, she was sent across the country to Dickerson Park Zoo to be bred. Upon her arrival she was beaten for up to 2 ˝ hours for which that zoo was fined by the USDA. She lost 1,000 pounds.

Chai came back to Seattle pregnant. Soon after Hansa was born Woodland Park Zoo began the artificial inseminations again. She was violated by this highly invasive procedure 112 times!

Chai endured the death of Hansa who died at only 6 years old from the herpes virus. This disease is almost always fatal to young Asian calves. Even though all the elephants at Woodland Park Zoo had been exposed to the herpes virus, the Zoo continued to artificially inseminate Chai—despite Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants’ relentless protests.

After Watoto died in 2014, the city of Seattle considered filing charges against Woodland Park Zoo. Watoto went down during the night due to lameness and arthritis directly caused by zoo confinement. Woodland Park Zoo did not seek the assistance of a crane to lift her and she laid on the ground suffering for 4 more hours until she was euthanized. Woodland Park Zoo decided to close the elephant exhibit.

Ignoring science, the vast majority of Seattle residents, powerful media voices, the City Council and the Mayor, the Zoo shipped Bamboo and Chai to the Oklahoma City Zoo—a worse zoo.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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