Call to Artists for The Rattie Uprising
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Art for Animals' Sake
February 2016


Art for Animals’ Sake is calling all artists to create a design honoring the amazing underdog of the animal world, the rat, to be exhibited at the first annual The Rattie Uprising traveling art show this year!

Deadline for submissions: April 4th, World Rat Day
For submission details download the PDF here

rat art

rat art



The exhibit will travel throughout 2016 with art education workshops scheduled at each location. Youth will participate in hands on art events, encouraging empathy for all animals through creative artistic opportunities with the first stop in San Francisco opening this Spring.

Small Animals Unite

Art for Animals’ Sake is producing an exhibition in celebration of the rat, mouse and smaller animals who are often misunderstood, are the subject of cruel experimentation and, in the case of most rats and mice, are excluded from the Animal Welfare Act which purports to regulate the care of animals used in scientific research.

All animals are important, but small animals often don’t get the respect they deserve. Rats have been made out to be dirty, shifty, and plain malicious for much of recent history. Their undeserved bad reputation has made it easy for people to turn a blind eye when they become victims of experimentation, “pest control,” and other cruel practices.

The Rattie Uprising aims to change the conversation by investigating and challenging negative stereotypes through provocative paintings, drawings, photographs, digital media, and accompanying text. Art workshops that parallel the show will give guests the opportunity to engage creatively with the presented material and spark further dialogue about the nature of cruelty, dignity, and empathy. The Rattie Uprising launches its multi-city tour in May 2016 in San Francisco and you can still be part of it!

Art for Animals’ Sake is seeking small animal-centered posters, prints, or images from artists of all ages. Accepted artwork will be featured at the opening show hosted by the San Francisco SPCA, subsequent exhibitions in Los Angeles and Seattle, and an online gallery. Your work will be displayed alongside other inspiring pieces of contemporary visual art and essays by established and emerging artists including Jo-Ann McArthur, Cory Mac a’Ghobhainn, Christopher Locke, Gina Lynn, and David Walega. Please visit our The Rattie Uprising page for submission guidelines and other information.ext

We are excited to celebrate the wonderful lives of small animals and raise awareness of why all animals are important. Send us your art, and we’ll see you at the The Rattie Uprising!

Why all animals are important:

  • Humans are animals, too! Just like us, other animals can feel pain and pleasure.
  • Animals are individuals with unique personalities, characteristics, and behavior.
  • Animals live complex emotional lives. Just because we can’t always read their emotions doesn’t mean they’re not feeling them.
  • Animals don’t exist to serve us or to make our lives easier, and no one should ever take advantage of someone just because they can.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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