Tell Congress to Dump the DAIRY PRIDE Act
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The Good Food Institute
February 2017

[See GOOD NEWS UPDATE, March 2017: Dairy Lobby Group Dumps Support for Dairy PRIDE Act]


The DAIRY PRIDE Act would force any product that is not the "lacteal secretion" of a cow– i.e. products like soy and almond milk – to be renamed or face punishment from the FDA for "misleading" consumers.

Please tell your Senators to oppose this absurd legislation; everyone knows that almond milk doesn't come from cows who have been fed a lot of almonds!

This is part of a trend of well-funded ag interests attacking their plant-based competition, just like when the American Egg Board tried to keep Hampton Creek's egg-free Just Mayo off the shelves.

Tell your senators to oppose the anti-competitive efforts of Big Dairy.

Sign an online petition.

And/Or better yet, make direct contact:

Find and contact your U.S. Senators

Find and contact your U.S. Representative


For context, here are a few things that could feasibly qualify as “misleading labels” according to Depression-era standard of identity requirements:

“Cream” of Wheat
Peanut “Butter”
Almond “Milk”
Goat “Cheese”

Possible solutions include “liquefied wheat,” “peanut sludge,” “nut juice,” and “fermented goat secretions.”

OPPOSE this ridiculous legislation!

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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