Tell Washington Governor to STOP Killing the Profanity Peak Wolf Pack
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Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN) and Center for Biological Diversity
August 2016


The Diamond M Ranch has routinely used Washington's Colville National Forest—federal public land—to graze its cattle. The presence of cattle caused the wolves' natural, wild prey (deer) to disperse. So, inevitably, the wolves killed the only prey available to them—and now, they are being killed for it.

Six wolves have been killed so far in this pack on behalf of rancher Len McIrvin.

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Call Gov. Jay Inslee’s office about why the state is killing a second pack of wolves for a rancher who The Seattle Times says put his cows “right on top of the Profanity Peak pack’s dean.”

The person who answers will transfer you to Fish & Wildlife. That’s what she’s been instructed to do. If that happens, call back and say that you’d rather speak to someone in the governor’s office. That way he’ll know how many people are calling.

You might consider asking him not to route his calls to Fish & Wildlife.

Leave message on the website here.

And/or better yet, make direct contact:

Governor Jay Inslee
Office of the Governor
PO Box 40002
Olympia, WA 98504-0002
phone (360) 902-4111
fax (360) 753-4110


From Center for Biological Diversity:

Snipers Snuff Out Four More Wolves In Washington

More grim news out of Washington state: Snipers have killed four more wolves -- three adults and a female pup. The Profanity Peak wolf pack family has been shattered, reduced to just one adult struggling to care for the four surviving four-month-old pups.

The killing of this pack -- which, once it's done, will have wiped out 12 percent of the wild wolves in the state -- has been authorized by Washington's wildlife agency despite evidence that a rancher placed his cattle right over the pack's den. Robert Weilgus, director of the Large Carnivore Conservation Lab at Washington State University, told reporters that "This livestock operator elected to put his livestock directly on top of their den site; we have pictures of cows swamping it." We can't allow this kind of provocation to keep leading to state-sanctioned wolf slaughter.

It's time for the gloves to come off -- we're in a bareknuckle fight for these animals' survival. But time is not on our side, so please help now. Make a donation today to the Center's Wolf Defense Fund.

Wolves desperately need our help. Not only are the state bureaucrats in Washington hoping to finish off the Profanity Peak pack, local Ferry County officials also swear they'll take matters into their own hands. They've said they're eager to send their sheriff to finish the job by killing any remaining pack members. This would be a gross violation of the law and set a terrible precedent -- a local posse bent on killing is brutal and primitive. When and if Ferry County tries this tactic, the Center's ready to go to court to stop it.

The Center is leading the counterattack against the wolf haters. From Washington, D.C. to Washington state, our lawyers, scientists and activists are fighting anti-wolf extremists who would destroy the progress we've made over the past quarter-century. We've saved the lives of countless wolves across America, shutting down those trying to turn their habitat into feedlots, timber farms and open-pit mines.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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