Urge Sacramento SPCA to take animals off the menu
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Animal Place Sanctuary
February 2017


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After years of adhering to a board-approved and community-supported meat-free menu policy for shelter sponsored events, the Sacramento SPCA became the first shelter in the country to reverse a progressive menu policy after new CEO Kenn Altine took over.

Join us and urge the Sacramento SPCA to return to its board-approved animal-friendly menu policy.

Kenn Altine
6201 Florin-Perkins Road
Sacramento, CA 95828
phone (916) 383-7387
fax (916) 383-7062


Putting farmed animals back on the menu at shelter functions sends a mixed message, akin to the American Lung Association putting ashtrays on the dinner table at their annual gala.

Sacramento locals contacted Animal Place, concerned over the sudden change at the shelter. The policy, which had been in place for years, had been modified without input from community members. In response, Food for Thought Program Manager, Patti Nyman, reached out to CEO Kenn Altine to ask him to consider returning to a more ethical policy. Kenn Altine declined our offer, despite the fact that the SPCA had previously endorsed the program publicly.

If shelter dogs were treated in the same horrific way as pigs raised for their flesh males castrated without anesthesia, females kept in crates where they cannot turn around Kenn Altine would be outraged. With this recent policy change, the SPCA may serve the flesh of pigs kept in these same conditions at their events.

Reversing their board-approved menu policy is out of step with the hundreds of other animal shelters that are extending their compassion to include farmed animals.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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