Stop a New Ag-Gag Bill in Arkansas
Action Alert from


Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF)
March 2017


A proposed new Ag-Gag bill is being considered by Arkansas lawmakers, and we need your help to stop it from becoming law. Factory farms want to keep their cruel practices hidden from the public, and industry lobbyists push Ag-Gag laws to accomplish that goal.

farmed pigs

We successfully sued Idaho and had its Ag-Gag law ruled unconstitutional. And we continue to fight in Utah and North Carolina challenging the constitutionality of their statesí Ag-Gag laws. Help us stop Arkansasí Ag-Gag bill before it becomes law.

Take action now to let the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism know that if this bill passes, you wonít be visiting.

Your help is urgently needed. House Bill 1665 has already quickly passed the Arkansas House and moved out of committee in the Senate.

If you do NOT live in Arkansas:

 Sign this online letter.

And/or better yet, make direct contact:

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism
[email protected]
425 W Capitol Avenue, Suite 1620
Little Rock, AR 72201

If you DO live in Arkansas, go here.


As an American, I enjoy traveling across our country. Unfortunately, I will not be able to plan any future visits to Arkansas if HB 1665 passes. This bill would silence whistleblowers trying to alert the public to illegal practices and animal cruelty occurring in factory farms. Though the bill is aimed at protecting factory farm abuses, itís written so broadly that it would also apply to employees at daycares and restaurants.

This bill hurts the most vulnerable members of our society and tramples on free speech. I cannot in good conscience visit Arkansas or contribute tourism dollars to its economy if the state legislature passes HB 1665.

Please urge the legislature to oppose HB 1665.

Thank you,
[Your name and contact info]

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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