Save the Saddest Bears: End Bear Farming in Vietnam
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May 2017


Considering the detrimental effects of bear bile farming on the conservation of wild bears, as well as the extremely cruel methods of bile extraction and poor keeping conditions, bile from farmed bears can be described as a highly unethical and a totally unnecessary product. 

bear bile
Approximately, 1,300 bears are still kept under appalling keeping conditions on Vietnam's bear farms. Some bears have been held in cruel cages for up to 20 years...

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The Vietnamese government has taken commendable steps over the last decade to end bear farming. But, with approximately 1,300 bears still living in tiny cages and bears being used for bile extraction, more action is needed to ensure bear farming finally ends in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese government must now finish the job and end bear farming for good!

Therefore today, we ask you to please add your voice in calling on the Vietnamese government to:

  • Take even greater steps in ensuring that bears are not farmed for bile extraction.
  • Ensure bears currently on bear farms are strictly monitored with confiscations and penalties for noncompliance.
  • Close all bear farms by 2020 and ensure the transfer of all remaining bears to rescue centers and sanctuaries.

Read more at Bear bile products and alternatives.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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