Tell NIH to Close Down University of Washington Eunice Shriver Baby Primate Lab
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PRISM People for Reason and Science in Medicine
May 2017


Contact NIH National Institutes Director Francis Collins and tell him why the UW Eunice Shriver Baby Primat Lab should be shut down:

  1. The experiments perpetrated there cannot be extrapolated to human babies
  2. These experiments are a huge waste of tax dollars
  3. These experiments are barbaric and unspeakably cruel
Francis Collins
NIH Director
9000 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, Maryland 20892
phone (301) 496-4000
[email protected]


We want to thank every one of the 190,101 people who signed our petition to Francis Collins, head of the NIH, asking him to close the University of Washington Eunice Shriver Baby Primate Lab. On May 5, Britt Lind and lawyer/activist Amanda Schemkes delivered the petition to representatives of the Eunice Shriver Lab. The petition was also delivered to the home of Francis Collins.

We spent the preceding week lobbying members of Congress to help us close down the lab in the same way they were able to close the Eunice Shriver lab in Poolesville, Maryland. In Poolesville, vivisectors perpetuated the same kind of experiments as the UW lab. Our question to legislators is: why should one be closed and the other one allowed to remain open?

It became apparent as we spoke to many of the people in Congress and the NIH that they had no idea of what vivisection/animal experimentation entails, that billions of our tax dollars are wasted on grants to vivisectors and that at least 40% of the grants awarded by the NIH are given to vivisectors. It made us wish we could spend much more time in Washington, D.C., just educating legislators.

We also met with Anthony Bellotti, Julie Germany and Justin Goodman of White Coat Waste. Based in D.C., they are having great success exposing the fraud and waste of dog experiments funded by the VA.

We will keep the pressure on members of Congress to call for an investigation into the UW Lab, keeping in mind that, as Anthony Bellotti reaffirmed, trying to close a university lab is just about impossible because they are so powerful politically. That is why we will also keep pressuring the Shrivers to do the right thing and asking them to use their influence to shut down their mother's lab, one of the worst vivisection labs in the country.

We need to keep the pressure on Francis Collins. We are asking everyone to email him at [email protected] and tell him why the UW Eunice Shriver Lab should be shut down: 1) the experiments perpetrated there cannot be extrapolated to human babies, 2) they are a huge waste of tax dollars, and 3) they are barbaric and unspeakably cruel.

We will plan an action at Bobby Shriver's house soon and will let you know when we have decided on the time and date.

As always, we need your help. Our ongoing campaigns are only possible because of your donations, so please go to our site and click on the Donate button.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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