Hold Marineland Accountable for Documented Abuses
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LCA Last Chance for Animals
August 2017

UPDATE August 15: Last Chance for Animals ("LCA") is mourning the loss of Gia, a three-year-old beluga whale that was at the center of LCA's undercover investigation at Marineland. The investigation revealed that Gia failed to receive adequate treatment or care at the theme park. At one point, she was left in a shallow isolation pool for three months where she became undernourished and emaciated.


Demand justice for Animals at Marineland!

It is shocking and disappointing that the 11 animal cruelty charges filed against Marineland were dropped on August 10, 2017. LCA's shocking five-month investigation into Marineland revealed severe neglect and mistreatment of the land animals under the theme park’s care.

deer's infected eye

See: LCA Investigation of Marineland Canada Leads toAnimal Cruelty Charges by the OSPCA! AND LCA's Undercover Investigation Reveals Disturbingly Inadequate Care of Belugas at Marineland Canada

Contact Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi and demand justice for the animals suffering in captivity at Marineland.

Call Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi
(416) 326-2220

Follow up your phone call with an email:
[email protected]

Comment on Ontario Attorney General's online contact form 


LCA’s investigation revealed:

  • A deer with a severely infected eye receiving no medical treatment
  • A juvenile beluga named Gia, who was accidentally separated from her mother then left in a shallow isolation pool for three months where she became emaciated
  • Belugas, including newborn calves, covered in “rake marks,” visible scarring from being attacked and bitten by dominant whales while in a confined pool
    Belugas exhibiting signs of eye abnormalities, such as redness, irritation, and cataracts, and in some cases, young belugas appearing to develop cataracts prematurely
  • Belugas suffering for months from an undiagnosed condition reported by employees to park management as “genital rubbing” which caused the whales to rub themselves constantly against the concrete pool floor until blood was visible in the water.
  • Routine deprivation of food for training purposes
  • More than 100 barrels of industrial strength bleach kept on site, and employees repeatedly complaining of burning eyes and a strong chlorine smell on certain days when next to the pools
  • KiKiska, Marineland’s lone orca, constantly swimming in circles in the smaller of her two pools

LCA will not accept this injustice and will continue fighting for these animals until Canada’s existing animal welfare laws are enforced and Marineland is no longer permitted to abuse and exploit animals.


Dear Attorney General Yasir Naqvi,

I am outraged to learn that the Crown has dropped the 11 animal cruelty charges filed against Marineland. Last Chance for Animals documented the ongoing neglect and mistreatment of Marineland’s land animals and it is shameful that you have failed to bring justice for the animals who continue to suffer in captivity at the theme park.

Marineland’s substandard care and neglect of its animals was in violation of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. I urge you to hold the theme park accountable for this unacceptable cruelty.

[your name and contact info]

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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