Ban all brutal steel-jaw leghold traps, Conibear traps, and snares on national wildlife refuges
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October 2017


The Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act (S. 1919) bans all brutal, indiscriminate body-gripping traps—steel-jaw leghold traps, Conibear traps, and snares—on national wildlife refuges. These cruel devices have no place on lands supposedly set aside to protect wildlife. Urge your senators to cosponsor this bill today!

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Contrary to its name and mission, the National Wildlife Refuge System (NWR) is not a complete sanctuary for our native wildlife? To the contrary, wild animals are trapped on more than half of these Federal lands. The National Wildlife Refuge System encompasses the most comprehensive and diverse collection of wildlife habitats in the world, provides a home for more than 380 endangered species, and its lands are visited by millions of people each year. Trapping is cruel, indiscriminate, and poses a danger to wildlife (including endangered species), to pets, and even to people. And, because NWR lands are maintained by your tax dollars, U.S. taxpayers are, in part, funding the trapping of animals.

In honor of World Animal Day this week, we ask you to speak out for the animals on NWR lands! Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) has reintroduced the Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act (S. 1919), a bill that would ban the use or possession of snares, Conibear traps, and steel-jaw leghold traps within the National Wildlife Refuge System. Please write to your Senators and ask them to cosponsor this important legislation!

Our 2017 Trapping Report revealed how widespread and poorly regulated trapping is across the United States and demonstrated that "despite the savage and ubiquitous nature of trapping, laws – Federal and State – do not provide adequate safeguards." The Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act would help eliminate this barbaric and archaic practice on our protected lands, a crucial step in limiting trapping across the country.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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