Urge Apostolic Nuncios (Pope's Representatives) to Condemn Bullfighting and Similar Cruel Festivals
Action Alert from All-Creatures.org


Virginia Bell, Catholic Action for Animals
November 2017


Please contact the Apostolic Nuncio (Pope's representatives) in your country and in other countries calling for the Pope:

  1. to condemn the bullfight and similar cruel fiestas
  2. to instruct bishops in bullfighting countries to condemn bullfights and similar cruel festivals
  3. to call on the leaders of these countries to ban bullfights and similar cruel festivals

Contact information for Apostolic Nuncios can be FOUND HERE: Holy See (Vatican City) - Apostolic Nunciatures, Embassies and Consulates


Don't let them get away with ignoring this issue.

Bullfighting and similar cruel festivals bring the Catholic Church into disrepute because:

  • it is practised in Catholic countries like Spain and Mexico, where it is promoted, enacted and watched by Catholics;
  • it is staged to celebrate feast days of the Virgin Mary and other saints. In the bullfighting countries and in other countries such as Brazil, Panama, Nicaragua, thousands of fiestas take place in which bulls and other animals are abused and/or killed in the name of a patron saint under the blessing of a local priest;
  • priests and bishops turn a blind eye to the business, or may benefit from funds raised, or may help promote the abuses;
  • the Church has influence in these countries, and therefore has a duty to do all she can to oppose such horrific cruelty.

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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